Request Your Estate Tag Sale Appointment Now for an Amazing Collection in Los Alamitos


Don is conducting an estate tag sale for a local family whose member amassed an incredible collection of antiques, dolls, ceramics, vintage clothing and collectibles. You won’t believe the variety and volume of this collection.

This is a FIXED-PRICED TAG SALE, not an auction! But as a valued member of our local customer list, we want you to have first-chance at buying before we announce this estate sale to the general public.

Call Don today at 714-633-2437 to arrange an appointment. Please leave a message if he is busy at the time of your call; we will call you back!

Choose from an incredible array of antiques and collectibles, vintage dolls, bears, and other childhood playthings, and much more.

So call Don now: 714-633-2437. He’s waiting to hear from you, to give you an appointment for viewing, so that you can browse this amazing estate at your leisure and in comfort, without the pressures of the regular buying public.